Help Desk software for just £99 Help Desk Software for just £99



See table below for a complete list of features.

For comparison we have also shown how Help Desk-99 differs from our other Helpdesk software.

(If you later wish to upgrade from Help Desk-99, we will happily credit GBP 45 of your Help Desk-99 purchase against any LBE Helpdesk licences. Please request this refund when you purchase LBE Helpdesk.)

Help Desk-99 LBE Helpdesk

GBP 99.00
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Priced per simultaneous user
One-time cost
1st year Support and upgrades included
Subsequent years' support and upgrades GBP 35 p.a. GBP 35 p.a. per simultaneous user
Payment options Credit card/PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Purchase Order
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
Max. number of people that can use the helpdesk simultaneously 2 limited only by number of licence purchased
End-users can log their own helpdesk jobs
Only your Helpdesk Operators can use the software

(Web Helpdesk and Helpdesk Mailin server only)
Record new helpdesk jobs
Update and close jobs
Place jobs on hold
Transfer to other helpdesk operators
Create "Child" Jobs which must all be completed before the "Parent" can be completed
Close all "Child" Jobs by completing the "Parent" Job
Email notification to operators and end-users when jobs are created, updated, closed.
Assign Priorities to Jobs
Specify target Job completion date based on Priority
Categorise Jobs
Record time and money spent on each Job
Define unlimited numbers of Customers/End-users
Specify Customers' support contract expiry
Define unlimited numbers of helpdesk operators
Restrict specific functionality to certain operators
Restrict operators to seeing Jobs of one Customer only or to see all Customers' Jobs
Restrict operators to seeing only those Jobs assigned to them or to see all
Use keyboard shortcuts to enter commonly used text

Dataviews - the smart way to manage your data:

  • list all data
  • filter (e.g. "All Open jobs assigned to me")
  • Show/hide only the information you need
  • group by any column
  • create multiple views and switch between them instantly
  • conditional formatting to e.g. highlight all overdue jobs
  • Export to html or text files
Knowledge base search
Dataviews - conditional formatting to e.g. highlight all overdue jobs
Share database between users
Database types supported MS Access (supplied)
  • MS Access (supplied)
  • MS Sql Server
  • MS Sql Server Express
  • Oracle
Application type MS Windows application
  • MS Windows application
  • Web-browser based
  • Email interface.
Specify working hours (this affects target completion date)
Assumes 0900-1700
Two custom fields (which may be renamed by you) on each screen
Define Category-specific working hours
Define Category-specific Priorities
Automatic escalation of Priority
Escalation notification to operators and users
Maintain Asset information
Link files to helpdesk jobs (e.g. for screen-dumps of error messages)
None, but Dataviews (see above) can provide lots of information




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